Furniture Today offers a suite of digital products to meet your marketing needs. Please review all the options below and reach out to the Account Executive in your area to start a conversation.

We have the solutions you need for this disrupted retail environment.

High Click Traffic Drivers

These options provide high visibility and will deliver a significant number of clicks to your landing page

  • Mobile and Desktop Welcome Page Ad — see more info
  • “Tab Ad” — High visibility across site for extensive reach and extremely high monthly clicks.
  • Geofencing Tradeshow Attendees — see more info
  • Social Media Ads With a Click Goal — see more info
  • Retargeting Display Ads From our Site — see more info
  • Pushdown and Billboard Banners (video options) — see more info
  • Email Marketing With Strong Click Calls To Action — see more info
  • “Sticky” 300×600 Banners that Remain Visible As A User Scrolls Down A Page — see more info
  • In Content 300×250 Banner Ads

Branding And Highly Targeted Ads

These options provide effective brand association with our content and are served to our most-engaged members of our audience. These campaigns lead to very high conversions and brand retention.

Video Promotion

Highly targeted video campaigns are an extremely effective way to share your brand and message with our audience

  • Social Media Video campaigns — see more info
  • Pushdown and Billboard Video ad placement on our site — see more info
  • Video Retargeting on YouTube — see more info
  • Sponsorship of Editorial Video Packages

Content Marketing

We offer a variety of effective ways to tell the story of your brand or initiative. These options lead to higher conversions and lead generation.

  • Sponsored Content Article on site — promoted on our newsletters and social channels. — see more info
  • Hosted Webinars – Great for Leads — see more info
  • Motiongraphics – Leverage our industry-leading video department to create engaging videos for use on your social networks, site and in advertising. — see more info

Creative Services

We offer a full creative services team that can meet any of your design and ad creation needs:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • SEO for your site
  • Consumer-facing programmatic digital campaigns

Account Executives

Kara Dunlay
Group Publisher, Furniture Today
[email protected]


Alex Kennerly
Manager, International
[email protected]
(336) 605-1030

Rachael Meisterburg
Regional Sales Manager, Midwest
[email protected]
(336) 605-1068

Jodi Brookshire
Regional Sales Manager, Southeast
[email protected]
(336) 605-1035

Brocdunne Rush
Regional Sales Manager, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast & Canada
[email protected]
(336) 605-1050