What are "website videos"?

As video becomes more of a staple in any integrated marketing tool belt, what you do with those videos makes all the difference. The newly redesigned FurnitureToday.com features several, high impact video placement opportunities that will resonate with our readers.

What are your ad options?


The Pushdown ad lives underneath the navigation, and is the largest available ad size on our website. The Pushdown mixes high visibility with high impact and can be used with or without video content.

Right Rail (Sticky)

The Right Rail ad is unique in that it's "sticky", meaning that the ad stays on screen as a users scrolls through the article. Right Rail ads can contain video which will autoplay on mute, grabbing the readers attention.

Video Retargeting

Getting qualified views goes beyond FurnitureToday.com - we can continue to serve your video to users that visited the Furniture Today website. Videos play as a pre, mid or post-roll to YouTube videos and on videos across various partner networks.