What is "Sponsored Content"?

Content Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. The Furniture Today “Sponsored Content” package provides a platform for companies to leverage our brands reputation as an information source, by allowing companies to host content on the newly redesigned FurnitureToday.com

How does Sponsored Content work?

Furniture Today's Sponsored Content package is designed for companies looking to reach a qualified audience via content marketing, and who are looking for content consumption (whether that be an article, white paper, etc). The package includes:

Hosted Content

Each "Sponsored Content" package includes hosting one (1) piece of content on the Furniture Today website. That piece of content could be an article, downloadable white paper, recorded webinar, or any other type of digestible content. The sponsor gets a "roadblock" on the content page, owning all available ad units. The content will include the sponsors logo at the top and should include some sort of CTA to entice readers to learn more. The content lives on the FurnitureToday website for at least a year and typically is there indefinitely.

Package Specifications

1. 500-word (minimum) article. If content is not an article, than include a 250-word (minimum) description of the content. Please include links back to a company website/landing page in the text.
2. Up to four images (Featured Image must be a minimum size of 856 pixels wide by 475 pixels tall @ 96dpi. All other images need to be a minimum width of 660 pixels). Please supply at least two images.
3. Company logo (no larger than 200 pixels wide) and brief description (70 words or less)
4. Two 728×90 banners, two 300x250 banners, one 320x50 banner and one 300×600 banner. Please include the URL the banner ads should link to.

Website Placement

Sponsored content runs programmatically across the Furniture Today website, intertwined with editorial content on the homepage, articles pages and other content-based pages.

eNewsletter Distribution

In addition to living on the Furniture Today website, we drive traffic to the sponsored content page via inclusion in our eNewsletters. The sponsored content ad in the eNewsletter appears as editorial, increasing engagements and building trust with the Furniture Today audience.