What is the "Facebook Exclusive Sponsorship"?

For businesses looking to connect with a qualified audience via social media, look no further than Furniture Today's exclusive Facebook Market Sponsorship. With more than 16,000 followers and thousands of engagements each month, our Facebook page is a great way to connect with, and market to, a strong built-in audience. The exclusive sponsorship includes targeted Facebook ads, a takeover of the Furniture Today Facebook cover photo and a social media showroom video broadcast to our audience and promoted after market.

What's included in the sponsorship?

The exclusive Facebook Market Sponsorship includes three components: (1) targeted Facebook ads, (2) cover photo takeover and (3) a social media showroom video.

Targeted Ads

Social media ads are a proven strategy that boosts brand awareness, and with the right call to action - leads directly to website traffic and sales. With over 2 billion users, advertising on Facebook can be daunting. However, running your social media ads through us provides a unique opportunity to reach a pre-qualified audience so you're not wasting money putting your message in front of the wrong people.

Cover Photo

The Cover Photo provides advertisers with a high visibility position, showcasing their products and imagery right next to Furniture Today's profile picture. As part of the exclusive Facebook Market Sponsorship, the advertiser gets the background image as well as their logo, as shown on the example to the left. The takeover is during official market dates (or a 7-day window if outside of market).

Social Media Showroom Video is one of the most energizing ways to promote your brand, due to the compelling nature of video and how social media allows us to market them. The Facebook Market Sponsorship includes one, 5-minute video that is broadcasted to our followers, the video is added to our IGTV account, loaded to our YouTube page, added to our LinkedIn account, added to a video gallery on our website, and even tweeted out to our Twitter Followers. Thus ensuring we give your message the opportunity to be seen by ever social follower we have and we continue to promote the video through the end of market.